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The Ministry of Community Development and Social Services has the following Mission Statement:-

Mission Statement

“To effectively and efficiently facilitate the provision of equitable social protection services to communities in order to contribute to sustainable human development.”
Our Vision

“To be the pioneers in the provision of integrated Social Protection services.”

Value Statement

“The Ministry, in the provision of social protection services, shall uphold integrity, transparency, and respect for clients, confidentiality, impartiality, non-discrimination, and commitment.”

Goal Statement –In support of the mission statement the goal statement is as follows:-

“Extreme poverty reduced by 50% by 2016.”

To realize the goal for the Ministry, the following are the objectives:-

Objective 1: To empower the low capacity households in order to improve their productivity and livelihoods.

Objective 2: To provide social assistance to incapacitated individuals and households in order to reduce extreme poverty.

Objective 3: To provide functional literacy to the community in order to reduce illiteracy levels and improve livelihoods.

Objective 4: To effectively mobilize and manage financial, administrative and logistical support services in order to enhance the operations of the Ministry.

Objective 5: To plan, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of policies and programmes in order to ensure the attainment of Ministerial goals and objectives.

Objective 6: To rehabilitate, care and protect Juveniles and children in need in order to reduce delinquency and promote their well-being.
Objective 7: To manage and develop human resource in order to enhance the operations and performance of the Ministry.

Objective 8: To promote efficient operation of Non-Governmental Organizations in order to enhance transparency, accountability and service delivery.

Objective 9: To rehabilitate and capacitate persons with disabilities in order to enhance equitable participation in national development.